Gifts from XTZ

Unexampled gifts from KhTP!

Gifts from XTZ

Terms of promotion:

  1. The offer Gifts from XTZ will be available from May 5th to July 15th, 2020.
  2. Territory covered – Ukraine.
  3. The promotional products for the period of the promotion are XTZ-240 series tractors. After purchasing one, a customer gets one of the three gifts of his choice: gearbox, axle, engine (hereinafter the promotional unit). Please note that the number of gifts is finite. 
  4. All individuals or legal entities may use the offer, except for the Trading House "KhTP" LLC dealers and their employees.
  5. XTZ tractors purchased within the Loans program or the Leasing program shall not be considered Promotional products.
  6. Installation of the promotional units on the customer’s tractors shall be performed at the XTZ facilities (by agreement).

Trading House "KhTP" LLС
TIN 334125120314, Certificate of VAT payer No. 100311159, EDRPOU code 33412518
61007, Kharkiv-7, 275 Moscovskyy Avenue
tel. 067 560 07 37

Period active: May 5th - July 15th, 2020

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