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The main advantage of using the crawler tractor T-150-05-09-25-04 is the prevention of soil reconsolidation and the preservation of the fertile layer. The application of a new running system allows performing agricultural works in heavy soil and climatic conditions with high traction characteristics.

The undoubted advantage of the crawler tractor T-150-05-09-25-04 is its low maintainance cost.
- Agriculture: basic tillage, sowing;
- Special-purpose machinery: bulldozer works;
- Forestry

Сharacteristics Aggregates
Engine model YaMZ-236М2-59
Rated power, kW (hp) 132 (180)
Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Number of cylinders, pcs. 6
Working volume, l. 11,15
Fuel rate at rated engine power 245 (180)
Maximum torque 667/1250-1450
Fuel tank, l 430
Transmission 9/3
Maximum transport speed 15,31
PTO rear independent
PTO rotation speed, rpm 540 and 1000
Implement attaching unit hydraulic, one-cylinder, with 2 and 3-point adjustment
Max. carrying capacity 4200
Pump output (l/min) 86
Number of pairs of pins 2
Accumulator battery 6СТ-190А3, 2 pcs
Voltage 12
Starter voltage 24
Audio preparation +
Microclimate system air-conditioner, ventilation, heater
Additional folding seat +
Length, width, height 5000, 1960, 3170
Wheelbase 1860
Track gauge 1435
Turning radius 2,35
Agrotechnical clearance 300
Operating weight, kg. 8250
Track link number, pcs 46
Link width, mm 420
Spacing, mm 170