Heavy toothed harrow Lira XL

Heavy toothed harrow Lira XL

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The machine allows you to perform 5 operations in one run. For example, early spring harrowing and loosening of the surface layer to a depth of 2-10 cm while simultaneously:

• sealing the moist;

• provoking the weeds to germinate and then destroying them;

• leveling the surface of the field and preparing the soil for sowing;

• fixing fertilizers and pesticides;

• evenly distributing crop residues.

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Technical specifications

Machine Lira-XL-15
Constructive working width, m 15
Required tractor power, hp from 170
Type of a tractor attachment trailed
Weight, kg 5 685
Tooth spacing, mm 60
Tilt angle, ° 45-90
Diameter of the spring tooth, mm 16
Treatment depth, cm 2-10
Operating speed, km/h up to 20
Productivity, ha/h up to 21
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 10 136
- width, mm 4 012
- height, mm 3,890

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