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T150K - the legendary universal tractor, which has been produced for 50 years. 
The modern look of the XTZ-150K-09.172.10 tractor in combination with the latest agricultural implements allows carrying out a full range of works in the agrosphere. 
XTZ-150K-09.172.10 undoubted advantage is its low cost maintenance. 
- Agriculture: soil cultivation, sowing, harvesting, transportation, fodder conservation; 
- Special-purpose machinery: maintenance of power lines, transportation of railway trains (the tractor completely replaces the locomotive); 
- Forestry.

Сharacteristics Aggregates
Engine model YaMZ-236М2-59
Rated power, kW (hp) 132 (180)
Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Number of cylinders, pcs. 6
Working volume, l. 11,15
Fuel rate at rated engine power 245 (180)
Maximum torque 667/1250-1450
Fuel tank, l 430
Transmission 12/4
Maximum transport speed 30,08
PTO independent
PTO rotation speed, rpm 540 and 1000
Implement attaching unit hydraulic, two-cylinder, 3-point adjustment
Max. carrying capacity, kg 5000
Pump output (l/min) 86
Number of pairs of pins 4
Accumulator battery 6СТ-190А3, 2 pcs
Voltage 12
Starter voltage 24
Audio preparation +
Microclimate system air-conditioner, ventilation, heater
Power steering +
Additional folding seat +
Length, width, height, mm. 6596, 2460, 3490
Wheelbase 2860
Tires front/rear 23,1 R26
Track gauge, mm. 1680 / 1860
Turning radius, m. 6,7
Agrotechnical clearance 400
Operating weight, kg. 8460