• 240 hp
  • plowing -13-20 l/ha.
    disking – 6 - 8 l/ha
    first plowing – 3 – 5,5 l/ha
    cultivation – 3 – 4 l/ha
    heavy cultivation – 5 – 13 l/ha
    sowing – 2,5 - 8 l/ha
  • 3400 kgf при 14 km/h
  • 100 l/m

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Tractor description

XTZ-242К.20 is a further modernized version of the T-150K tractor. In the process of creation, the latest technologies were used, which allowed modifying the transmission, hydraulics, as well as the hinged system for efficient use of the tractor with modern high-speed agricultural implements. New special ergonomic design combined with new plastic lining allows to increase the operator's working area of visibility, as well as to simplify access to the main components of the tractor.
XTZ-242K.20 undoubted advantage is its low cost maintenance.
- Agriculture: basic tillage, sowing, harvesting, transportation, fodder conservation.

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Technical specifications

Engine model YaMZ-238
Environmental class 0
Working volume, l. 14,86
Rated power, kW (hp) 176 (240)
Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Maximum torque Nm/rpm 883/1250-1450
Number of cylinders, pcs. 8
Fuel rate at rated engine power 227 (167)
Fuel system type High pressure fuel pump
Transmission PowerShift 12/4
Maximum transport speed, km/h 33,67
Working speeds, km/h I – (3,37-6,64), II– (7,78-13,95), III – (17,9-33,67)
Tires front/rear 23,1 R26 F-37 НС10
Track gauge, mm. 1860
Turning radius, m. 6,7
Agrotechnical clearance 400
Hydraulic system
Type of hydraulic system Combined with one hydraulic pump and a single hydraulic tank
Pump output (l/min) 100
Number of pairs of pins 4
Single Section Throughput hydrodistributor, l/min 0 - 100 mechanical adjustment of each section
Sections of work with hydraulic motors, pcs. 2
Maximum fluid flow for working with hydraulic motors, l/min 55
Hinged system
Type of attachment system Articulated linkage with longitudinal links and hook grips
Sizes of connecting balls, mm 32 × 51 - upper link, 37 × 45 - lower link
Max. carrying capacity, kg 5000
PTO Type Independent. Single stage gearbox with hydraulic clutch inclusion and oil cooling heat exchanger
PTO rotation speed, rpm 540 / 1000
Number of shank splines 20 (45 mm) involute - mounted on the tractor, 8 (38 mm) straight-line - it is applied to the set of spare parts
Electrical system
Voltage 12
Starter voltage 24
Accumulator battery 6СТ-190А3, 2 pcs
Dimensions and weight
Length, width, height, mm. 6596, 2460, 3565
Operating weight (without ballast), kg 8940
Refueling capacities
Fuel tank, l 430

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