Sowing complex, seeder Zlatnik

Sowing complex, seeder Zlatnik

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Sowing complex ZLATNIK is a machine for soil preparation and sowing, used in all technologies: it can sow both in minimal and zero technologies thanks to the sowing unit with reinforced two-disc coulters. It is equipped with wavy discs installed in front of each coulter, thus allowing to work on a greater number of crop residues.

ZLATNIK is used for:

• sowing of cereals and industrial crops - from poppy to beans;

• sowing on minimal and zero technologies;

• applying fertilizers at the same time as sowing;

• applying bulk mineral fertilizers.

Сharacteristics Applying
Machine Zlatnik
Constructive working width, m 6
Required tractor power, hp from 160
Type of a tractor attachment semi-trailed
Weight, kg 7 080
Number of coulters, pcs. 40
Row spacing, cm 15
Volume of a two-section container, m3 5 (3/2)
Sowing speed, kg/ha 2.3-508
Depth of sowing, cm 3-8
Operating speed, km/h 6-12
Productivity, ha/h to 6
Fuel consumption, l/ha 6-7.5
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 10 570
- width, mm 3 355
- height, mm 4 055