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T-156B loader is used when carrying out energy-intensive earthwork in construction, when repairing road surfaces, when loading bulk materials for industrial or agricultural purposes.

This machine has high performance, stability and reliability, and the undoubted advantage of the tractor is its low cost of ownership.

Industrial purpose Т-156Б-09-03
Type of tractor КWheeled, agricultural loader
Engine brand YaMZ-236
Nominal power, kW (hp) 132 (180)
Gear box Mechanical, with three ranges (three gears forward and one reverse on each range), switchable under load without interrupting the power flow within the range.
Moving speeds, km  forward - 2,8 - 35,2, reverse - 3,0 - 15,5
Dimensions, mm length - 7490, width - 2500 and height - 3830
Track width, mm 1910
Road clearance, mm 400
Struck level capacity, m3 1,5
Maximum discharge height, mm 2920
Operating weight, kg 10790
Minimum turning radius, m 6,7
Capacity, kg 3000
Productive capacity, t/hour 170 (when loading bulk materials)

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