BKM-2M drilling and crane machine

BKM-2M drilling and crane machine

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XTZ-150К-09.172.01 is a base tractor for installation of a drilling and crane equipment with hydraulic or mechanical drill drive.
This unit is designed for drilling bores in soils with a freezing depth of no more than 60 cm, not containing rocks (I-III soil category); when equipped with reinforced and special drills, it is possible to use the machine in soils of I-IV soil categories.
- The length of the drill is 2.5m, the height of the crane boom is 7m, the length of the supports is 12m, the lifting capacity of the crane is up to 2000kg.

bore diameter, mm 420
maximum depth of the bore, mm 2500
the minimum rotational speed of the drill, rpm 60
the maximum rotational speed of the drill, rpm 120
drill rotation drive - hydraulic
loading capacity of crane equipment, t 2
maximum lifting height of a boom, m 7
maximum length of the installed supports, m 12
maximum transporting speed, km/h 30
overall dimensions in transporting position, mm
length 11400
width 2400
height 3200
mass of attachments, kg 2050

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