Kharkiv Tractor Plant was founded in 1930. The first tractor left the assembly line on October 1, 1931, and this day is considered to be the birthday of the plant. To work on a huge, rapidly growing enterprise, more and more specialists of different fields were required, which led to the formation of a separate residential area in Kharkiv, which became a full namesake of the plant and was named KhTZ. Over the years, the plant has produced more than 3 million tractors and other specialized heavy equipment, which has always been reliable, functional and the highest quality of production. The products produced by KhTZ industrial enterprise have been in great demand for decades not only in the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in many countries of Europe, Asia and even Africa. To date, Kharkiv Tractor Plant produces dozens of models of modern tractors and of special equipment, which has not lost its relevance and still remains widely in demand among a large number of consumers, due to its reliability, efficiency and affordable competitive price.

All of KhTZ’s modern products are certified and meet the quality standards set. Today the plant produces machines designed to perform a variety of functions in many industries, agricultural and communal services, construction. Almost all tractors and heavy special-purpose machinery are multifunctional and have high modularization opportunities with numerous rigs of various purposes. The ability to order each model in several assembly options allows customers to purchase equipment that best meets all future operating conditions.

KhTZ technologists, designers, industrial designers and many other specialists work hard every day in order to create a new line of high-tech, comfortable and productive machines, manufactured using innovative technologies and materials. In addition to traditional general-purpose tractors, the enterprise started production of special equipment intended for oil workers and geologists. The plant produced machines for mechanized welding. Light armored multipurpose tracked tractor became the base for reliable all-terrain vehicles, capable of operating in conditions most extreme and unfavorable for humans. KhTZ produced, universal machines operating on the basis of tractors for the railway industry. All models of tractors for the agricultural producers and public utilities have been renewed and received new life. But whatever equipment the Kharkiv tractor plant produces today, the main criteria that remain unchanged since the beginning of the enterprise's work are the high quality, durability, safety and reliability of each manufactured machine.

A wide range of equipment, differing from each other by many indicators, including performance and capacity, allows any consumer to choose the equipment that is best suited for his needs. For large farms, whose work is associated with the cultivation of vast tracts, the plant offers a powerful modern multifunctional tractor KhTZ-242K.20 (21) with wide possibilities for modularization. Together with a reliable tractor, a farmer will always be able to purchase a convenient large-capacity self-unloading trailer TM-47. The crawler tractor of high passability KhTZ -181 (190 hp), the wheeled equipment KhTZ -150К-09.172 (180 hp) with enhanced double wheels, will help the farmer to improve the crops due to the reduced pressure on the ground provided by the structures of the machines.

Specialized rigs for cutting the frozen soil, installed on the basis of KhTZ -150К-09.172 and KhTZ -242К.20 (21) tractors, will help mechanizing and effectively performing many construction tasks, and will also find use in the wintertime tree replanting. Railway industry and manufacturing enterprises that have access roads on the territory, will find the module КРТ-1, working on the basis of KhTZ -242К.20 (21) and KhTZ -150К-09.172 tractors irreplaceable. These machines successfully perform all the functions of much more expensive locomotives, while the KhTZ technique is often much cheaper in maintenance. The plant has produced the universal track machine UPM-1 for maintaining and repairing the railroad track, it operates on a specially equipped tractor KhTZ-17221.

A wide choice of the offered equipment allows meeting the demand for the different tractors and specialized machinery. Farmers, large construction and agricultural organizations can always purchase high-quality and reliable machines produced at the Kharkiv plant, at a quite low, competitive price and thus provide their farms with highly modern machinery of domestic production.

For 85 years of work, KhTZ has produced more than 2.5 million tractors of various models and modifications.

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