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XTZ-248К.20 is a further modernized version of the T-150K tractor. In the process of creation, the latest technologies were used, which allowed modifying the transmission, hydraulics, as well as a linkage system for efficient use of the tractor together with modern high-speed agricultural attachments. Specially designed new ergonomic design, in combination with the new lining allows to increase the operator's working zone of visibility, as well as to simplify access to the main components of the machine. 
The undoubted advantage of XTZ-248K.20 tractor is the low cost of ownership. 
The tractor is mainly used in agriculture: basic tillage, sowing, harvesting, transportation, forage preparation
New engine - six-cylinder, in-line, powerful - 240 hp, modern - Common Rail system, eco-friendly - Stage III A, economical - 150 g.kW/h engine.  
Gearbox - upgraded oil purification system - a new filter was used with a term of service extended from 250 to 500 mt.h., a by-pass valve was moved to an accessible location, the oil filler neck was moved. 
Cabin - the tint film was applied, the parking crane (handbrake) was moved, the sunshade curtain was installed, the engine oil pressure, the coolant temperature sensors were installed. 
Lining - the longitudinal adjustment of hood loops has been installed, the hood opening angle (pneumatic spring) has been increased, the hood stiffness has been increased, the handrails on the radiator have been installed.

Сharacteristics Aggregates
Engine model FPT-Iveco N67 ENT
Rated power, kW (hp) 176 (240)
Rated speed (rpm) 2200
Number of cylinders, pcs. 6
Working volume, l. 6,7
Fuel rate at rated engine power 205 (150)
Fuel tank, l 430
Transmission 12/4
Maximum transport speed 33,67
PTO independent
PTO rotation speed, rpm 540 and 1000
Max. carrying capacity 5000
Pump output (l/min) 100
Number of pairs of pins 4
Accumulator battery 6СТ-190А3, 2 pcs
Voltage 12
Starter voltage 12
Audio preparation +
Microclimate system air-conditioner, ventilation, heater
Additional folding seat +, jump seat
Length, width, height 6596, 2460, 3565
Tires front/rear 23,1 R26 F-37 НС10
Track gauge 1860
Turning radius 6,7
Agrotechnical clearance 400
Operating weight, kg. 8350