Video review of the continuously variable transmission for wheeled tractors

The video below presents the two-loop continuously variable hydrostatic transmission (GOMT-2S, rus ГОМТ-2С)

As we wrote before, GOMT-2S has an improved design, four technological traction and speed ranges for driving forward and two - for driving backward, tractor's speed and traction force are steplessly regulated at each mode. The functionally updated unit allows increasing the efficiency of tractor's main technological operations (plowing, disking, harrowing, cultivation, seeding, transportation of the trailer, etc.), thus ensuring the tractor's effective operation with optimum engine performance.

We also present a series of videos that will tell you about the features of XTZ tractors: about attachments and hydraulic system, as well as about exterior and interior changes. Watch at our youtube channel -, facebook - or on the official website of the plant -