Andriy Koval: "In 2019 we plan to produce about one thousand tractors"

Andriy Koval: "In 2019 we plan to produce about one thousand tractors"

While implementing a long-term modernization program, Kharkiv Tractor Plant received from the owner and appropriated about $5 million of investments in 2018. As you know, the company belongs to Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy’s DCH Group, who purchased XTZ in 2016 and in a short time restored the production after a long down time. This the General Director of Kharkiv Tractor Plant, Andriy Koval, told reporters today, October 11, at the fifth agro-industrial forum AGROPORT in Kharkiv.

“At the moment, about $ 5 million has been invested. Next year, it’ll be about $5 million more,” said Koval.

The General Director emphasized that in 2018 XTZ made a significant emphasis on improving the quality of the tractors produced.

“Only since the beginning of the year, more than 200 improvements have been made to the product - from small to quite significant ones: a new line of engines has been adapted - effective, modern and efficient. In addition, we want the tractor to transport more, to work more reliably, consume less fuel, and so on. That is, the consumer properties of the product will continue to improve,” said Koval.

XTZ General Director added that the enterprise does not only work directly on the product, but also on improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

“Now the plant is at a stage of big construction: we are reconstructing workshops, buying new equipment, optimizing the production structure. This will give an even more pleasant price on the product,” said Koval.

According to him, in 2018, the plant increased sales by 40% in Ukraine. In 2019, it is planned to produce about 1 thousand tractors.

“I would like to specifically thank our shareholder Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy for his special attitude to the company. He has many assets, but in this case XTZ is his "hobby number 1". He is very interested in the development of the plant, in creating Ukrainian tractor which is not worse, and maybe somewhat better than imported products from the price and quality point of view,” summed up the General Director of XTZ.