A. Yaroslavskyy: "XTZ is the leader of the Ukrainian engineering and it will not be left unattended"

A. Yaroslavskyy: "XTZ is the leader of the Ukrainian engineering and it will not be left unattended"

Specialists of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant (XTZ) introduce innovations, win back market positions lost in previous years and prepare for the launch of a large-scale enterprise modernization project. The owner of the company, the founder of the DCH Group - Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy told this yesterday at a meeting with journalists. Media representatives were given the opportunity to ask questions about the development of XTZ directly to its owner and investor, and also could learn about the work of the plant revived by him.

“Our main market is Ukraine. To a lesser extent - foreign markets. Given the fact that the market positions have been lost, we have to recover those. But this process will take a certain time. We are no strangers to hard work. The enterprise is interesting, XTZ is the leader of the Ukrainian engineering industry and it will not be left unattended,” - the businessman told to reporters.

The medium-term program for the development of the company which is currently being implemented provides for an investment from the DCH Group in the amount of about UAH 230 million. “We focused on the modernization of tractors. There are almost more than 200 innovations in the model. The model has qualitatively changed: externally and internally. Therefore, the tractor has become more competitive,” - explained Yaroslavskyy. He said that about 800 new machines would come off the assembly line this year, approximately the same number of tractors is planned for next year: the plant does not produce tractors to be stored in the warehouse, but manufactures products in accordance with the order book.

“We are finishing this year, and we are setting the same goals for at least the next one,” said Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy, “Given all the circumstances that we have today, we will have to work more and more productively. Every year, every time I have difficulties and problems with XTZ. Before it was an obstacle race, now swimming in a pool without water. But the more interesting - the more fun. I have responsibility for the team, the team must have a salary, and I find solutions.”

A new stage in the development of the Kharkov Tractor Plant will be the creation of a modern multi-functional ecosystem for business on its basis. It will include a powerful industrial park, a complex with a scientific, technological and technical bases for the implementation of innovative projects (technopark), as well as other facilities, including logistics, educational and research centers. Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy actively attracts Kharkiv students and scientists to the project implementation. The businessman traditionally and systematically supports many universities in his native city, including the Kharkiv National Karazina University, National University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy. The students of the Kharkiv State University of Food and Commerce, the businessman’s “alma mater”, expressed their willingness to take part in the revival of XTZ. “We are currently planning a big project for the reconstruction of the XTZ. I think that this will be an investment of about 2-3 billion dollars. We started yesterday, and we will continue for years to come. It will be very interesting from the point of view of professional use. I always like projects that keep me in good shape,” - said Yaroslavskyy at an event at the University.


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