XTZ held the next stage of production modernization

XTZ held the next stage of production modernization

As part of the production modernization program, Kharkiv Tractor Plant is commissioning new advanced equipment. At present, a line of thermochemical treatment of metals, replacing the existing non-muffle unit, has been put into operation. This has significantly improved the quality of thermochemical treatment of parts.

“A new equipment has been installed at the XTZ plant, and now it is being set up. This includes the line for thermochemical treatment of metals from the world famous company Ipsen. This is a specialized equipment manufactured in the USA and made in Germany. The line is an automated complex of equipment controlled remotely via a computer. At this stage, plant employees are being trained to operate the line in semi-automatic mode simultaneously with the production process. After completion of the training, the line will be switched to the automatic mode of operation,” said Vladyslav Sopit, project manager for modernization at Kharkiv Tractor Plant. The advantages of the new line cover both the better quality of the parts processed and also make energy consumption more efficient, reducing it by several times.

Moreover, XTZ has already installed and is testing a robotic 3D laser machine for precision metal treatment, which will replace the existing lines for the machine treatment of body and frame parts.

The new unit will also reduce the manpower input and reduce energy costs. New band sawing machines also function in the automatic mode, which allowed the plant to abandon the hot cutting of metal, and centers needed for transferring mechanical processing of parts from the old equipment to the new more advanced technologies are also expected soon.

The plant continues the implementation of the first stage of a two-year strategic modernization program for the leading national tractor manufacturer. The volume of DCH investments in the modernization of XTZ will be about UAH 230 million.