Tractor modernization. Post warranty repair

XTZ offers an opportunity to increase the operating life of its tractors. Specialists from Kharkiv Tractor Plant may modernize your equipment, provide post warranty service and repair.

Modernization of wheeled and tracked tractors:
• Gearbox replacement. Placing the gearbox oil filter outside (optional)
• Engine replacement;
• Replacing old axles with new ones (own production);
• Swivel joint replacement;
• Frame replacement or its repair with modernization of the attached system and so on.
What you need to do:
• Contact the warranty service of XTZ Trading House to determine the amount of work required to replace the components and assemblies of the tractor or to repair it.
• Sign an agreement with the company. Fixate the price and deadline for the repair.
• Determine the most suitable way to deliver the tractor or its assembly to the plant.
• Make a 20% deposit after signing the agreement.
• When the tractor is ready, pay the remaining 80%.
Our advantages:
• Modernization from the manufacturer using special equipment and tools;
• Plant warranty for works performed and for all the units and parts installed;
• Assistance in determining the logistics of tractor’s delivery to the plant*;
• All dismantled units and parts are returned to the customer;
Service, repair – contact details:
• 0-800-300-440 - on business days from 08:00 to 17:00.
• +38 067-574-66-05 - on business days from 08:00 to 20:00.

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