XTZ introduces an updated tractor to market + video

XTZ introduces an updated tractor to market + video

Kharkiv Tractor Plant, which, thanks to the investor Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy, after a forced one-year downtime, has not only resumed its work, but already managed to produce more than 700 units of machinery, today introduced an updated tractor.

Modernized cab-to-engine tractors designed by KhTZ were presented by Kharkiv Tractor Plant at the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine AgroExpo-2017 (Kropyvnytskiy). According to experts and visitors of the exhibition, Kharkiv agricultural machines demonstrated the best technical characteristics and pleased their potential buyers.

Plant workers brought two machines to the exhibition, where the largest domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers usually demonstrate the abilities of their agricultural horses - KhTZ-242K.20 series tractor with a 240 hp engine and KhTZ-243K.20 (250 hp), which complies with the European Stage IIIA environmental standards. The exposition was all the more interesting, because the guests, as well as, of course, competitors, could evaluate what the updated KhTZ machines were capable of in their work. And as a subtext – to show what the company achieved in a relatively short period after recovery. KhTZ tractor did not disappoint: during the exhibition it showed better results than many other more expensive and more sophisticated machines manufactured by the industry representatives.

Field demonstration of the equipment took three days. Kharkiv Tractor Plant worked with agricultural implements of domestic producers, as well as of the foreign leader Lemken (Germany).

KhTZ-243K.20 tractor demonstrated its capabilities in deep tillage, pre-sowing cultivation and sowing. Visitors appreciated the changes that were made: those applied to the cabin, interior, hydraulic system. New modern engines have been installed. At the same time, the machine has maintained its simplicity and has not lost its price attractiveness. "The tractor`s maneuverability, the possibility of a simple, and therefore quick readjustment is worth noting, - says the participant of the exhibition, a tractor driver with experience Ivan Petrov. "When modularized with other equipment, the tractor keeps its characteristics and does not consume more fuel."

Thanks to the field demonstration, the visitors of AgroExpo could first-hand evaluate all the possibilities of the equipment produced by different manufacturers. As well as compare, discuss and consult specialists right there, at the exhibition. For example, a machine with a capacity of 340 hp made by one of the manufacturers barely coped with plowing to a depth of 25-30 cm. KhTZ-243K.20 with a 250 hp power demonstrated its ability to work at a depth of 35-40 cm. Which, of course, caught the viewers` interest and got them vividly discussing the case in hand. KhTZ-240К`s gear box was altered both in terms of speed characteristics, and of traction effort - experts explain. The guests were also pleased with the updated hydraulic system of the tractor, which worked with an imported hydromotor on the domestic seeding complex Gelaxi without any problems: this allows the machine to work with other mechanisms without losing power.

- Thanks to the new engine, the tractor's power is increased. Better internal ergonomics of the cabin – a more convenient workplace for the operator. I like simple access to the engine, the oil filter in the gearbox is placed in a convenient place, and the period of the maintenance service has increased," - Leonid Aristov, head of the farm, lists the advantages of the updated machine. - I also see small, pleasant improvements: for example, a good linkage, a PTO air-cooling system. I am glad that the workers managed to find a balance between consumer characteristics and the cost.”

According to the general director of the company, Andriy Koval, Kharkiv Tractor Plant plans to continue focusing on inner solutions. Improving the gearbox, the speed and traction characteristics, exterior and interior changes. Modernization of attachments, taking into account the fact that the tractor needs to ‘cooperate’ with imported units. In this case, the tractor will still be affordable and easy to operate. "I will add that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to compensate 20% of the costs of agricultural enterprises for technical support, in particular, for the purchase of machinery produced by Kharkiv Tractor Plant, allows the farm workers to significantly save money and channel them to other needs for the farm development," - says KhTZ General Director.