XTZ has developed a new stepless transmission for wheeled tractors

XTZ has developed a new stepless transmission for wheeled tractors

Kharkiv Tractor Plant produced an improved version of the two-loop continuously variable hydrostatic transmission (GOMT-2S, rus ГОМТ-2С) (the first version of the ГОМТ-1S transmission was manufactured in 2014 and was field tested). This unit is designed to replace the obsolete gearbox transmission in the serial models and is the Plant's joint invention with the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", with which the company has signed the Memorandum of Strategic Partnership in September 2017.

GOMT-2S has an improved design, four technological traction and speed ranges for driving forward and two - for driving backward, tractor's speed and traction force are steplessly regulated at each mode. The functionally updated unit allows increasing the efficiency of tractor's main technological operations (plowing, disking, harrowing, cultivation, seeding, transportation of the trailer, etc.), thus ensuring the tractor's effective operation with optimum engine performance.

"GOMT-2S – is an own product, which was first developed in the post-Soviet space. Its use significantly improves the consumer qualities of tractors manufactured by XTZ, reduces the fatigue of the tractor driver, increases the reliability of the engine and the ergonomic performance of the machine as a whole", - said the chief engineer of the project of the development and implementation of GOMT-2S, Petro Polishchuk. It's worth noting that 6 new transmissions were manufactured and installed on serial wheeled tractors in a short time at Kharkiv Tractor Plank, one of those machines is being prepared for shipment to Bulgaria.

Kharkiv Tractor Plant presented the renewed XTZ-243K.20 tractor at the largest agro-industrial exhibition AgroExpo-2017 in Ukraine, according to experts, the machine has demonstrated the best technical characteristics. At the beginning of 2018, XTZ published a video showing the process of assembling a new Ukrainian wheeled tractor on the conveyor belt, as well as features of the hinged system of updated wheeled tractors.

As you know, Kharkiv Tractor Plant dates back to 1930, this is one of the largest machine building enterprises in Ukraine. Thanks to the long-term exporting practice, the trade mark XTZ is now one of the most recognized Ukrainian brands abroad. The company's strategy is currently focused on restoring market positions both in the domestic and foreign markets. The owner and investor of XTZ Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy and his DCH group, have already implemented a number of successful projects for the revival of industrial enterprises.