XTZ presented a tractor with an FPT-Iveco engine and an updated tracked model

XTZ presented a tractor with an FPT-Iveco engine and an updated tracked model

Kharkiv Tractor Plant (XTZ) took part in the largest International Agricultural Exhibition AgroExpo 2018, which was held in Kropyvnytskyi from September 26 to September 29.

This event is considered to be one of the largest in Ukraine - over 600 companies took part in it in 2018, 100 of them were domestic producers. AgroExpo gathers many representatives of mechanical engineering or companies related to this industry. And, of course, the main purpose of holding such exhibitions is that Ukrainian and world manufacturers present their innovations and their work at demonstration shows in the field.

XTZ – the legendary and the only in the former CIS manufacturer of both wheeled and tracked tractors –managed to not only increase the number of produced machinery, while drastically improving the quality, in a little more than a year of work after forced downtime, but also surprised those present with their new products. One of those was XTZ-248K.20 series wheel tractor equipped with the engine of the well-known global manufacturer FPT-Iveco N67. This power unit is a six-cylinder, 6.7-liter turbo diesel with a CommonRail system (the fuel is constantly under high pressure in the fuel line common for all injectors). Compared to the engines currently installed on the XTZ, the new engine from FPT-Iveco has a better fuel efficiency (from 10 to 15%), in addition, these models are the best in their class in terms of maintenance intervals - the oil should be changed every 600 hours. At the same time, the plant notes that the choice of fuel plays an important role - the engine will not work on a diesel fuel of poor quality.

In addition to the power unit, XTZ serial model had a number of upgrades, such as: an upgraded 12/4 gearbox with an improved oil purification system, where a new filter with an extended service life (up to 500 hours) is used. The bypass valve and the filling neck were also brought to an accessible place, and the modified hydraulic and mounted systems allow to use a tractor with high-speed domestic and foreign agricultural equipment. It should be noted that earlier the inside of the cabin has undergone major changes: the sprung seat can now be adjusted to the driver's weight, the steering column is also regulated. To improve the cabin soundproofing, the pedal layout has been changed. There is also a sun blind and air conditioning. The layout of the controls for attached equipment was revised, the brake crane was improved.


The additional equipment presented by XTZ - the ballast weight (which can be ordered together with a tractor as an option) proved to be of a great interest among the exhibition visitors. One version of its installation was the rear frame in the cross-wheel space, and the second one - as type-setting parts - in a wheel disk niche.


But this wasn’t the only newcomer XTZ presented. A tracked tractor XTZ-181.20 was brought from Kharkiv for the demonstration, it also received a number of upgrades. Specialists of the plant installed a six-piece torsion-balanced suspension, which allowed working in the field after heavy rainfall without any difficulties. By the way, this is the only tracked tractor from more than a dozen machines, which took part in a demonstration in cooperation with agricultural equipment at AgroExpo. XTZ also didn’t forget about soil preservation, because the use of a caterpillar propeller significantly reduces the specific pressure, and in this case there is no slipping. Due to the greater performance of the hydraulic system (increased to 130 liters), the tractor can work with modern sowing complexes, both domestic and imported. Specially designed ergonomic design in combination with the new lining allows to increase the working area of visibility, and the air-conditioner installed in the cabin creates a comfortable microclimate, which reduces fatigue and improves the operator's efficiency.


Experts note that the return of the upgraded tracked tractor to the Ukrainian market will have a positive effect, and in the near future the plant will receive orders for those. Nevertheless, the designers still have to work on the propulsion options in order to offer buyers rubber tracks, as well.

Representatives of LLC TD XTZ note that the main advantage is the low price of the tractor, as well as the low cost of its maintenance. And if we add to this the state compensation program, which assumes covering from 25 to 40% of the cost, then the equipment of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant becomes even more accessible for domestic agricultural enterprises and farms.