Governor of the Kharkiv region Yulia Svitlychna visited KhTZ

Governor of the Kharkiv region Yulia Svitlychna visited KhTZ

Today, the chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Yulia Svitlychna visited Kharkiv Tractor Plant, which is confidently restoring production volumes after last year's downtime. The governor noted that Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy, Kharkiv Tractor Plant’s owner and investor fulfilled all the obligations to KhTZ.

"Thanks to the support of the President of Ukraine and the investor, we were able to put the legendary KhTZ plant to work, and we can say that there are orders, there will be work, and we are looking into a successful future". As for today, all the investor's obligations that he gave to KhTZ are fulfilled. Thanks to the work done by the investor and the management of the plant, thanks to the work of all who put their souls into the production of tractors, we will eventually be able to fulfill any plan", said Ms. Svitlychna in her speech to the work team and media representatives.

Kharkiv governor was introduced to the work processes at the enterprise, communicated with the plant workers and awarded the leading employees with the certificates.

The general director of the KhTZ plant Andriy Koval stressed that this May the plant has cut the last decades’ record for producing the spare parts. "KhTZ manufactured 14 million hryvnia worth of those. This is also the volume of gross output, the volume of sales, and it is closely tied to wages", - he said.

Koval also spoke about the company's current strategy. "Our actions are aimed at increasing internal efficiency and at optimizing business processes. We are covering all areas, but we see the source of potential wages increase in selling more and making manufacturing cheaper". On the one hand, the newly-adopted bill prescribing to compensate KhTZ buyers with 20% of the equipment value will significantly increase tractor sales on Ukrainian market. And on the other hand, investments in modernization will reduce the overhead costs for the production of machines," - said KhTZ’s general director.

As you know, Kharkiv Tractor Plant dates back to 1930, this is one of the largest machine building enterprises in Ukraine. Thanks to the long-term export of products, the KhTZ trademark has become one of the most recognized Ukrainian brands abroad. The company's strategy is currently focused on restoring market positions both on the domestic and foreign markets. KhTZ owner and investor Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy together with his DCH group has already implemented several successful projects for the revival of industrial enterprises.