XTZ presented options for ballasting of tractors

At the last AgroExpo-2018exhibition Kharkiv Tractor Plant presented to visitors two modern versions of tractor ballasting. XTZ proposed to install compressed loads in a wheel disk niche, as well as to place them on the rear half-frame in the inter-wheel space.



The photo above shows composing loads with different weights, which start from 55 and reach 75 kg. Thus, the farmer can choose the optimal weight for performing a particular operation.

The second version of the ballast weight with a total weight of 1100 kg was put by the designers to the back of the half-frame into the inter-wheel space - it has a form of composing parts.


- Such a design solution is optimal for loading both the rear and front ends of the tractor. This allows to perform energy-intensive traction work (for example, plowing), significantly reduces the slippage, and also reduces fuel consumption and increases the traction characteristics of the tractor, - XTZ commented on the innovations.


Moreover, the Kharkiv Tractor Plant presented the upgraded tracked tractor XTZ-181.20 (which received an updated lining, a new hydraulic system of 130 liters and a six-piece torsion-balancer suspension), as well as a wheel tractor XTZ-243K.20 with twin wheels and XTZ-248K. 20 with the engine from FPT-Iveco.