Kharkiv tractor. A 'workhorse', which never fails

Kharkiv tractor. A \'workhorse\', which never fails

To increase production, while maintaining the main advantages of Kharkiv tractors - price accessibility, efficiency, reliability, - is the strategic plan for development of Kharkiv Tractor Plant. This was stated by the general director of the company Andriy Koval.

According to him, in May plant workers broke the last decade’s record on spare parts production. "KhTZ manufactured 14 million hryvnia worth of those. This is also the volume of gross output, the volume of sales, and it is closely tied to wages", - the general director says. The plant considers the production of spare parts as important as production of agricultural machinery: during the down time at KhTZ many low-quality counterfeit products appeared on the market. And this first of all affects the villagers.

KhTZ had different times. But Kharkiv tractor’s main feature thanks to which Ukrainian farmers still prefer the tractor manufactured by KhTZ to Chinese analogs, has not changed. The enterprise believes the machine should be easy-to-use, modern, reliable, and its repair (if necessary) should not require significant expenses and should not create problems for farmers.

At the enterprise they say: there is no such technique that does not require constant improvement. After hearing consumers’ opinion, developers try to make the tractor more comfortable and to make service even more affordable. According to the Governor of Kharkiv region Yulia Svitlychna, Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy plans to put significant funds into modernization of the enterprise. And first of all, it will be used for updating the machine tool park, outdated equipment. It will be replaced by a multi-operation one, but this requires time and, frankly, significant financial infusion. After the modernization of equipment, the process of improving the tractors will go much faster. "On the one hand, the newly-adopted bill prescribing to compensate KhTZ buyers with 20% of the equipment value will significantly increase tractor sales on Ukrainian market. And on the other hand, investments in modernization will reduce the overhead costs for the production of machines", - says Andriy Koval.

It’s no secret: the plant is waiting for production optimization, as well as personnel reorganization. The enterprise expects the youth. They promise a competitive salary, they hope that graduates of technical institutions who come for internship stay at the plant. Today KhTZ cooperates with specialized universities of the city in terms of training specialists.

Vechirniy Kharkiv newspaper from 06/27/2012

  • Kharkiv tractor. A \'workhorse\', which never fails
  • Kharkiv tractor. A \'workhorse\', which never fails
  • Kharkiv tractor. A \'workhorse\', which never fails