XTZ tractors conquer the virtual world

XTZ tractors conquer the virtual world

XTZ tractors are now part of the popular computer game Farming Simulator. Ternopil computer developer Yaroslav Tsiganko created a whole range of add-ons (‘mods’) for the simulator, including almost the entire line of XTZ equipment.

“My love for enginery goes back to childhood and being raised by a grandfather. He told me about tractors and machinery in general. The decision to include XTZ equipment was probably a rather patriotic one. Although you can call it a love at first sight. I just saw a tractor, and I liked it. It's hard to explain. I like the technique - I add it to the game,” shared Yaroslav.

The author of the mods emphasized that this game, or rather a series of games, is the most popular in the agricultural work simulator segment, and currently represents a testing ground for demonstrating agricultural equipment, its basic operating principles and capabilities.

“There have already been cases when the head of the farm, having seen the mods, became interested in the machine in real life, and later bought it,” the computer developer noted.

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