Warranty service

Dear friends! Here is some information about the conditions for warranty service for XTZ tractors.
• JSC XTZ can only guarantee the tractor's (and its components’) compliance with the technical conditions, as well as its proper operation during the warranty period if the rules of its operation, maintenance, transportation and storage are observed.
• The warranty period lasts 12 months and starts from the date of putting the tractor into operation, but not later than two months from the date of shipment from the plant as per GOST 22352. The working time of the tractor must not exceed 1500 motor hours, including the set of spare parts for tractor.
• The grounds for accepting a tractor for warranty service is the Warranty Certificate having a mark of the regional State Agricultural Inspection Service made on the date of commissioning of the tractor. The Warranty Certificate is sent to the warranty and service department of JSC XTZ within 20 (twenty) calendar days from the date of commissioning of the tractor.
• In case of a failure to timely provide the Warranty Certificate to the warranty and service department, or to correctly fill it out, it shall be considered grounds for refusing to satisfy the complaint and for early termination of warranty obligations.
• The warranty for tractors that are upgraded and remade into special machines (bulldozers, scrapers, etc.) by specialized companies, shall be provided by the said companies after reaching an agreement with JSC XTZ in the established order.
• Claims regarding the quality of tractors shall be made by the owner to the seller in accordance with applicable law.
• Claims regarding the tractor and its components that have failed during the warranty period shall be issued in the following manner:
• In case of breakage, premature wear or other malfunctions of the tractor occurring during the warranty period given that the rules of its storage and operation are observed, the owner shall send a report on the defect indicating the dates of tractor manufacture, purchase and commissioning, as well as the full address of the farm to the nearest warranty service point or the seller.
• Engine malfunction reports shall be sent to the engine manufacturer and to JSC XTZ.
• The manager of the warranty service point (seller) shall inform the owner of the tractor of the date of arrival of the representative or provide the required explanations on each specific situation within 3 days after the receipt of the report.
• If the owner doesn’t receive a reply on his defect report, or the representative of the company fails to appear for reviewing the claim within the abovementioned time period, or if the owner disagrees with the explanations received, or in case of disagreements between the owner and the representative of the supplier or seller, a representative of the State Agricultural Inspection Service shall attend the place of residence of the tractor owner.
• When a representative of one of the parties disagrees with the conclusions of a representative of the State Agricultural Inspection Service, he must sign the act outlining his special opinion.
• All costs associated with the repair of a tractor that has failed during the warranty period shall be paid by the guilty party upon presentation of the necessary documents.
• If tractor defects are eliminated by using spare parts each tractor is supplied with, in the event of defects caused by violations of the rules of operation and storage, as well as on tractors, upgraded and remade without any approval from JSC XTZ, the manufacturer accepts no claims.