Mechanical grain seeder SZM Nika-6

Mechanical grain seeder SZM Nika-6

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    The mechanical grain seeder SZM Nika-6 is designed for row seeding of cereals, herbs, vegetables, mixtures, legumes, industrial and other crops using the minimum tillage technology, with a force of pressure on the colter from 80 to 120 kg and a system for rolling the seeds into the soil.

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    Technical specifications

    Type mounted/trailed
    Working width, m 6
    Transport width, m 6,0/2,5
    Number of colters, pcs 39
    Row spacing, cm 15,24‒17,0
    Colter pressure, kg 80‒120
    Grain tank capacity, l 1260
    Fertilizer tank capacity, l 63, 
    Grass tank capacity, l 180
    Seeding depth, mm  10‒89
    Seeding rate, kg/ha 8,0‒250
    Grass tank seeding rate, kg/ha 1,0‒40
    Fertilizer application rate, kg/ha 25‒250
    Capacity, ha/h 3,1‒6,0
    Weight, kg 4300
    Required tractor power, hp 200/130

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