Harrow BDLP-8,0

Harrow BDLP-8,0

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    Harrows are used for surface loosening of compacted soil layers of different mechanical composition, two-track peeling of stubble surface with crushing of crop residues. The wavy disc, thanks to its complex spiral and swirling tooth shape, has a closer contact of the disc with the soil, due to this, the soil gets more crushed even in difficult, dry conditions.

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    Technical specifications

    Parameters BDLP-8,0
    Type  semi-trailed
    Capacity, ha/h 6,4-9,6
    Working speed, km/h 8-12
    Working depth, cm 4-14
    Disc diameter, mm 510
    Fuel consumption rate, l/ha under 7,0
    Tractor power, hp 150

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