Disc harrow SP Agromash

Disc harrow SP Agromash

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    Used for deep (up to 30 cm deep) loosening of compacted soil layers of different mechanical composition, this procedure replaces ploughing, thus improving the capacity and reducing energy and financial costs for seedbed preparation. Such machines are widely used for working on the field after harvesting rough-stemmed crops (corn, sunflower), as well as for crushing and embedding crop residues in the soil.

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    Technical specifications

    Parameters BDVP-4,2-0,1  
    Type semi-trailed  
    Working width, m 4,2  
    Working speed, km/h 8-12  
    Capacity, ha/h 3,4-5,0  
    Working depth, cm up to 22   
    Disc diameter, mm 710  
    Tractor power, hp 250-350  

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