Disc harrow ZEUS HD

Disc harrow ZEUS HD

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The universal disc harrow ZEUS HD was specially designed for working in harsh operating conditions: crop residues, overconsolidated soil, dry period, etc.
The machine`s working elements spaced apart in four rows are attached to the bearing beams of the frame through the rubber shock absorbers, which allows the working body to make minor oscillatory movements in amplitude, thereby penetrating deeper into the ground and simultaneously cleaning the disk.
Two tandem maintenance-free working units are attached to the working stand, and their four-row positioning promotes free soil mixing without clogging the unit, and the self-cleaning compactor with vibrating plates perfectly levels the field surface up after the disks.

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Technical specifications

Machine ZEUS HD 4
Type of a tractor attachment semi-mounted
Working width, m 4
Working speed, km/h up to 15
Transporting speed up to, km/h 20
Productivity, ha/h 3.6-6.75
Treatment depth, cm 5-22
Disk attack angle 17
Number of working units, pcs 16
Number of disks, pcs 32
Diameter of a disk in the working element, mm 620
Thickness of a disk in the working element, mm 6
Distance between discs, mm 250
Pressure per 1 disk, kg 265
The length of the rubber shock absorber, mm 380
Weight of the machine, kg 8,600
Overall dimensions, mm:  
- working length 8,320
- transporting length with lighting 9 000
- working width 4 000
- transporting width 3 000
- working height 2,370
- transporting height 3 000
Tractor power, hp 200-300
Number of double-acting hydraulic outputs 4

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