Testing XTZ tractor with a pneumatic seeding complex Turbosem attached

Testing XTZ tractor with a pneumatic seeding complex Turbosem attached

Kharkiv Tractor Plant continues testing its products using modern agricultural tools produced by leading Ukrainian and world enterprises.

This test was conducted on the fields of Agro-Soyuz holding company. There the serial model of the XTZ-243K.20 tractor worked with the sowing complex "Turbosem". This is a pneumatic universal unit for direct seeding, which is equipped with a mono-disc coulter that accurately replicates the soil relief.

- Representatives of the plant together with colleagues from Agro- Soyuz conducted tests of XTZ-243K.20 attaching the sowing complex Turbosem. Both we and the unit manufacturers were satisfied with the results, which once again proved the effectiveness of XTZ tractor in cooperation with leading agricultural attachments, - said the commercial director of XTZ Trading House in Ukraine Golovach Yuriy.

Both machines have similar purpose, which is minimizing pressure on the soil surface with maximum efficiency, thus preserving the organic part of the soil (its "immune system"). This is achieved through using double wheels and ballast weight, which allows to realize the maximum tractive effort that a 240-250 hp tractor engine is capable of producing. In this case, the pressure on the soil is much less intense than that of a single-wheeled tractor without ballast weight. As for the seeding complex, the disc coulter makes the minimum V-shaped cut, the special pressing device places the seeds in the soil, and the seeding wheels that close the rigs complete the sowing process.

When purchasing XTZ machinery and the seeding complex "Turbosem", Ukrainian farmers can receive partial compensation for the cost of products. Read about details here – compensation procedure 25% and compensation procedure 40%.