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SPIDER Moro Aratri is a line of subsoilers from the Italian brand Moro Aratri.

The subsoiler is designed to break the plow sole and prepare the soil for sowing.

The unit busts the soil up to 65 cm deep and simultaneously crushes, mixes and compacts it.

The range of SPIDER Moro Aratri subsoiler includes various modifications and working widths.

Сharacteristics Applying
Specifications SPIDER 7G
Number of shanks, pcs 7 (3+4)
Working width, m 3,1
Type hinged
Working depth, cm  65
Underbeam clereance, cm  92
Double toothed roller included
Weight, kg 1700
With rollers, kg 2400
Hitch pins category 3
Power, hp 200-370, max 400

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