Intensive stubble cultivator Shilling

Intensive stubble cultivator Shilling

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SHILLING is effective for soil treatment before and after cereals, legumes, and is also widely used in traditional treatment systems, for treating fallows and for presowing soil cultivation. Per one run the machine performs:

• loosening and crumbling of the soil;

• cutting the weed;

• grinding and sealing the plant residues, fertilizers and mulching them across the soil surface;

• leveling and back sealing of the soil surface;

• preparation of a seedbed with a stable depth.

Intensive stubble cultivator SHILLING can also be used for effectively sealing the intermediate crops.

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Technical specifications

Machine Shilling 4.0
Constructive working width, m 4
Required tractor power, hp from 160
Type of a tractor attachment mounted
Weight in basic configuration, kg 1 480
Number of hoes, pcs 9
Treatment depth, cm 5-22
Operating speed, km/h 7-12
Productivity, ha/h up to 3.96
Fuel consumption, l/ha 6-15
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 2 902
- width, mm 4,397
- height, mm 1 850

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