Pneumatic universal seeder Vega 16 Profi

Pneumatic universal seeder Vega 16 Profi

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It is used for accurate sowing of calibrated seeds of corn, sunflower, castor oil plant, sorghum, soybeans, as well as seeds of forage beans, beans, lupine with simultaneous, granular mineral fertilizers applied separately from seeds and soil packing in rows. The machine also allows sowing uncalibrated seeds, but in this case the accuracy will directly depend on the size difference and the degree of damage to the seed. The precision seeder ensures seeding at the final density, excluding the use of manual labor when forming the required interval between the plants.

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Technical specifications

Machine Vega 16 Profi
Constructive grasp width, m 11.2
Required tractor power, hp from 180
Type of a tractor attachment  tractor-mounted
Weight, kg 6,300
Number of coulters, pcs. 16
Row spacing, cm 70
Bunker capacity, l 832/1 360
Sowing rate, kg/ha 1.3-52.9
Depth of sowing, cm 4-10
Operating speed, km/h 2.5-9
Productivity, ha/h 9.6-12
Overall dimensions in working position:  
- length, mm 6 125
- width, mm 12,565
- height, mm 2,795
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 13 100
- width, mm 3,325
- height, mm 3 460

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