Deep tiller Frank

Deep tiller Frank

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The machine cultivates the soil at great depth without turning the layers and leaving 30 to 60% of plant remains on the surface, which solves the problem of soil erosion, preserving the organic composition of the soil and, therefore, ensuring its long-term fertility.

It is used for destroying the package of layers formed after the use of tools of horizontal treatmentt, such as plows, disc and hoe tools.

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Technical specifications

Machine Frank
Constructive working width, m 2.5
Required tractor power, hp from 160
Type of a tractor attachment mounted
Weight, kg 1 490
Number of studs 5
Treatment depth, cm up to 45
Operating speed, km/h 8-12
Productivity, ha/h up to 2.23
Fuel consumption, l/ha 10-18
Overall dimensions in transporting position: & nbsp;
- length, mm 2 860
- width, mm 2 479
- height, mm 1 885

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