Sowing machine Alcor 7,5

Sowing machine Alcor 7,5

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It is used for continuous sowing of cereals, grain legumes and other crops on traditional and minimal technologies of soil cultivation.

The ALCOR complex performs 5 operations:

• Cultivation and 100% weed cutting at the depth of sowing;

• strip sowing with seeding rates from 3 to 450 kg/ha and a seeding width of 120-260 mm to a depth of 30 to 120 mm;

• application of seeded granular mineral fertilizers at rates of 25-200 kg/ha;

• removing the cut weeds and distributing them evenly over the surface of the field;

• packing of crops.

When working with ALCOR sowing complex using the minimal technology, intermediate operations such as plowing and pre-sowing treatment are excluded.

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Technical specifications

Machine Alcor 7.5
Constructive working width, m 7.3
Required tractor power, hp from 180
Type of a tractor attachment  tractor-mounted
Weight, kg 8 000
Number of coulters, pcs. 24
Row spacing, cm 3.05
Sowing rate, kg/ha 3-450
Depth of sowing, cm 3-12
Depth of treatment during cultivation, cm 3-18
Bunker capacity, l 5 215/4 415
Operating speed, km/h 8-10
Productivity, ha/h 7-8
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 12 650
- width, mm 5 540
- height, mm 3,390

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