Straight seeding attachment to seeders Krona

Straight seeding attachment to seeders Krona

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The Krona tillage machine allows using the traditional seeder as a straight sowing machine with minimal investment, which makes it possible to use it both in traditional and minimal tillage systems, including in no-till technology.

The machine consisting of a straight seeding attachment Krona and the trailed seeder for traditional technologies such as SZ 3,4 or 5,6 (or any other) processes the soil strips with wavy discs and seals the seeds in them with the seeder`s disc coulters in one run.

It is used for cutting crop residues and removing them to the sides in order to provide the working environment for the seeder`s disc coulter for traditional technologies and for local cultivation of the soil with the formation of a U-shaped groove of up to 4 cm wide.

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Technical specifications

Machine Krona-5.4 with a C3-5.4 seeder
Constructive working width, m 5.4
Required tractor power, hp from 150
Type of a tractor attachment semi-mounted
Weight, kg 2 628
Number of rows  36
Row spacing, cm  15 
Treatment depth, cm 3-8
Operating speed, km/h 6-12
Productivity, ha/h up to 4.80
Fuel consumption, l/ha 5.5-7.5
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 5 612
- width, mm 4,353
- height, mm 3 000

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