Preseeding machine AP-6

Preseeding machine AP-6

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It is used for early spring moisture sealing and cultivating of the soil with an even and inclined relief, preparing the soil for sowing of sugar beet, leguminous and vegetable crops. Per one run the machine performs the following operations:

• loosening tractor's trail;

• leveling the field surface with a spring-loaded height-adjustable beam;

• grinding the clods;

• intensive loosening of the soil with pointed hoes, cutting and removing weeds;

• re-leveling the surface with a spring-loaded beam;

• additional crushing and crumbling of clods, packing a surface layer with double-row rollers;

• grinding and leveling the soil with spring teeth.

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Technical specifications

Machine  АP-6
Constructive working width, m 6
Required tractor power, hp from 120
Type of a tractor attachment  
Weight, kg 3 200
Number of hoes, psc  
Treatment depth, cm up to 16
Working speed, km/h 8-10
Productivity, ha/h 5,4
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 6 800
- width, mm 3 000
- height, mm 2 657

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