Universal tillage machine AGK 5.4

Universal tillage machine AGK 5.4

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AGK-5.4 machine combined with working increased resource units, providing a pressure of more than 170 kg on 1 disc, is used for treating the packed soils, removing the weed and chopping plant residues after harvesting thick-stemmed row crops, for meadows and pastures, as well as for basic treatment and soil preparation for sowing using Mini-Till technology.

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Technical specifications

Machine AGK 5.4
Type of a tractor attachment semi-mounted
Working width, m 5.4
Productivity, ha/h 5.4-6.48
Working speed, km/h 10-12
Transporting speed, km/h up to 20
Treatment depth, cm 10-17
Disc attack angle 15
Unit type two-disk
Number of working units, pcs 22
Number of discs, pcs 44
Diameter of discs in the working element, mm 610/650
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 7,470
- width, mm 3,450
- height, mm 3,900
Weight of the machine, kg 7,550 ±. 150
Tractor power, hp 240-300
Tractor drawbar category  4-5

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