XTZ-2019: consolidation, development, modernization

XTZ-2019: consolidation, development, modernization

2019 was the year of intensive updating and modernization for the Ukrainian leader of domestic agricultural machinery. Kharkiv Tractor Plant (XTZ) increased its production volumes, profits, started updating its product line, as well as workshops and equipment. The company presented the improved equipment at several major exhibitions, and it was greatly assessed by both domestic and foreign farmers.

Facts and figures

The enterprise, which had a long off-period several years ago, not only restored its production, but is steadily building up the pace of development. See for yourself. In 2019, XTZ produced 585 units of equipment (an increase of 12% compared to the previous year) and sold 638 units (an increase of 16%).

The company's revenue grew by 22% and amounted to almost UAH 800 million.

Today, the company employs more than 1.100 people, and the average wages of a factory worker is UAH 10 thousand (at the beginning of last year the figure was UAH 7.8 thousand).

Ukrainian farmers are still the main buyers of domestic tractors. Nevertheless, the company continues to develop markets in neighboring countries and beyond. Bulgaria, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Lithuania, Romania, New Zealand and Singapore all purchased the machinery produced by XTZ.

What's new

Domestic buyers are impressed by the practicality, reliability and efficiency of tractors produced by XTZ, that all have become traditional. The fact that the plant’s design office never ceases to offer new solutions to make tractors more convenient and modern also has its impact. For example, the updated model of the XTZ-181.22 track-type tractor, which was presented at the AGROEXPO-2019 international agricultural forum in Kropyvnytskyi, demonstrated significant structural and engineering updates: 645 mm wide rubber tracks were installed on the machine, as well as an extended track of 1680 mm, a reinforced frame and a mounted system.

The updated tractor XTZ-150K-09.172.10, formerly known as T-150K, ​​which got a plastic facing (it provides freer access to the engine compartment), a reliable 180 horsepower engine, reinforced mounted and hydraulic systems, improved cabin, and which now also offers the opportunity to choose the size of the wheels and the ballasting system.

XTZ-248K.20 received a new modern steering column, a new mounting system, a longer rear half frame and a new hydraulic system with two 190 liter pumps.

Of course, not only agricultural machines were modernized. The company is now gradually renovating workshops, purchasing and testing new modern equipment. The plant has installed the new line of chemical-thermal treatment of metals produced by the world-famous company Ipsen (USA, Germany), which significantly improved the quality of heat treatment of spare parts, also, this year XTZ launched a new section of spare part processing line. For this, the enterprise purchased the equipment from Japan and Germany.

A robotic 3D laser system for a more accurate metal processing was successfully tested, and will now replace the existing lines, and new band saws allowed the plant to switch from hot metal cutting.

The use of new technological production lines, modern equipment, energy-saving technologies allowed the company to significantly reduce energy costs: electricity consumption was reduced by 20%, and gas consumption decreased by half.

What's next

Large-scale modernization, equipment replacement, technology updating, expansion of the product lines have been and will remain a strategic focus of the only agricultural machine-building enterprise in Ukraine. The plant expects to increase production by 10% compared to 2019, and increase revenue by 20%.


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