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On the occasion of its 90th anniversary from the foundation date Kharkiv Tractor Plant offers to purchase agricultural tractors at a special price.
From July 7 to October 6, 2020, when purchasing equipment from the plant’s dealer TH "XTZ" LLC, customers will be offered special conditions for purchasing 240, 150K series and tracked tractors, thus getting the opportunity to save up to UAH 270 000.
Here are the prices for XTZ promotional tractors for the period from 7.07 to 6.10.2020:

240 Series:

Model Price, UAH incl VAT
XTZ-241К.20 1 548 000
XTZ-242К.20 1 500 000
XTZ-243К.20 1 605 000
XTZ-248К.20 1 770 000

150K Series and tracked tractors

Model Price, UAH incl VAT
XTZ-150К-09.172.00 1 365 000
XTZ-150К-09.172.10 1 395 000
XTZ-181.20 1 530 000
XTZ-181.22 1 680 000

The Gift upon purchase of XTZ tractor promotion and the conditions of the partner programs Loans and Leasing cannot be used together with this special offer.

The offer is only available in Ukraine

Details by phone: 067-560-07-37 or via e-mail: torgxtz@xtz.com.ua

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