TSP-20 dumping trailer

TSP-20 dumping trailer

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TSP-20 tractor dumping trailer with 16 t capacity, V - 19,5-27,3 m3

Additional options

  • Stripes of 500 mm height, V-27,3 m3
  • Tent system
  • Replaceable drawbar ring Scharmuller (Austria)
  • 385/65 R22,5 tires
  • Potato belts


Сharacteristics Applying
TSP-20 dumping trailer specifications
1. Biaxial tandem on springs with reactive drafts (ADR Italy), axis 100х2000, continuous
2. 550/60-22,5 tires (load 5,15 t at 30 km/h)
3. Pneumatic brake system (hydraulic or mixed is possible)
4. Hydraulic telescopic cylinder (Italy), Ø170 мм
5. Conic body (rear part is wider than the front)
6. V-19,5 m3 body.(with stripes 27,3 m3)
7. Capacity 16t
8.  Hydraulic drawbar support
9. Scharmuller hook-on ring of Ø40, Ø50 or Ø90 mm (Austria)
10. Ladder for servicing
11. Hydraulic tailgate with a gate for gradual unloading of bulk materials.
Dimensions LхWхH – 5650/2300/1500 mm

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