Disk heavy harrow BDV-7

Disk heavy harrow BDV-7

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Purpose: loosening of packed, untreated soils of different mechanical condition, cutting of a layer of perennial grasses, managing the turfy clots after plowing with weed cutting, grinding of post-harvest cereal and large-stemmed crop residues.

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Technical specifications

Machine BDV-7
Constructive grasp width, m 7
Required tractor power, hp from 150
Type of attachment with tractor semi-mounted
Weight, kg 3 500
Permissible incline during operation,  7
Disk diameter, mm  625
Treatment depth, cm to 16
Operating speed, km/h 6-12
Productivity, ha/h 5.2-7.2
Overall dimensions in transporting position:  
- length, mm 4 560
- width, mm 4,400
- height, mm 3,450
Tractor drawbar category 3-4

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