Swept deep tiller GRS-3.0

Swept deep tiller GRS-3.0

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It is used for loosening the soil on single-furrow and nonmoldboard grounds with a deeper plough-layer, nonmoldboard soil tillage, instead of autumn and spring plowing and deep loosening on the slopes and fallow fields.

The deep tiller for surface tillage is used in the period of presowing tillage in spring and during the main tillage for winter cereal crops in autumn, on cereal stubble and also after harvesting other crops, including long-stemmed ones, after preliminary peeling with disc tools.

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Technical specifications

Machine GRS-3.0
Type of a tractor attachment mounted
Working width, m 3
Productivity, ha/h 2.4
Working speed, km/h up to 8
Treatment depth up to, cm 45
Depth of treatment with device (roller), cm 6-10
Number of working units, pcs 6
Weight with device (roller), kg 1 770
Tractor power, hp 180-250
Tractor drawbar category  3-4

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